The goal of this blog is to describe life here at Happy Frog Apps.  As a new start-up with (nearly) 3 apps in the app store, one of our major focuses needs to be marketing. We can’t help families and kids if they don’t know about us!


Now, I’d rather be designing our next app, but I recently came across a tool that makes market research…dare I say it… fun!


The tool is called SensorTower and it is fabulous for market research.


I thought I’d share some of the fun things I’ve been investigating 🙂


My first shock came when I discovered that our Inference Ace app was #3 in the app store for our main key word!!!  Wow!!!! And it has only been up for a day.  I am very happy to do market research if I get nice surprises like that!


Screenshot 2014-04-30 17


Next I decided to work on the key words for each app, since apparently this is pretty important for ranking in the app store.  SensorTower showed me that we definitely have some work to do to improve our key words.


Screenshot 2014-04-30 17.38.25


This is good to know, since I had no clue how to choose key words.  Should I use difference variants of the same word?  Should I repeat words from the title for extra emphasis.  SensorTower  has helped me figure out what I SHOULD be doing.  Too bad I have to wait for the next app update to improve the key words!


It was also fun checking out our competitors.   I learned some interesting information about all of them, which leads to the next benefit I gained from my research.


I’ve learned a lot about how to target our apps so we reach the exact audience we are after.  One of the benefits of our apps is that they are really designed with special needs kids in mind.  But we don’t explain that benefit very well or make ourselves visible for parents and teachers with those issues in mind.  Sensor Tower has helped me understand that we need to do that AND has helped me figure out how to do it.


And all this from 2 hours of work on the free version of the application.  Not bad!!!  And I had fun doing it!


But for now, it’s back to the apps.  Clue Master is very close to being finished, with the content developers doing the final touches to the data.  I’ll tell you about it in my next blog post.