We may not have shown our heads much in the last few months, but we have been busy!

We released 4 fantastic new apps…These include

Reading Comprehension 3

– this app provides great overall reading practice for kids reading at a grade 3 level. Best of all, results show your child’s strengths and weaknesses. You’ll know if your child is struggling with main idea or inferencing etc. This is SO much better than knowing your child got 6/10 correct!!

Reading Comprehension 4

– like Reading Comprehension 3, but targeted to your Grade 4 reader.

Verb Expert

The app helps kids who need extra practice in knowing what form of a verb to use. Four tenses are covered: past, present, present progressive and future.

WH Questions

This app helps kids who need more practice at finding details in the text to answer questions.

We’ve got another app coming in the next week…stay tuned for more details!

Click here to find all our apps on the app store!