Yay!  Our very first app ‘WH Expert 2′ is available on the app store!

2?  Yes, we started with the second in our series.  Why?  Because that is what the kids in my life need right now 🙂

Like all our apps, WH Expert 2  focuses on building a specific skill that is required for reading comprehension.  In this app, kids learn what meaning is added by a particular phrase.  It helps kids figure out that ‘because he was sick’  tells us WHY,  ‘with Katy’ tells us WHO, and ‘in the park’ tells us WHERE.

This skill is a precursor to be able to answer questions like:  Did the paragraph tell us where John is?  Do we know why John stayed home?  Why did John stay home?, etc.

Kids must be fluent in this skill to comprehend text as they read, so our app builds in fluency in the last 6 levels.  Your child will need to beat the clock to move on to the next level!

Have fun with this app.  I hope this forms one step in your child’s road to excellent comprehension!

If you have ideas for apps, please let us know as we are totally driven by the needs of kids.  If you have any trouble with our apps, please let us know via this website as we want you to have the best experience possible!

If you love our app, please review it on iTunes.  It will make ALL the difference to us and help more kids get the support they need!

You can learn more about this app, see screen shots,etc on the app info page.

Happy learning!