In all the excitement of our first month on the app store, I forgot to announce the release of our second app, Inference Ace!

Inference Ace has been in the app store for about a week and it has rocketed to the top 3 in the app store search results for the key word ‘inference’! We are even in the top 10 for ‘comprehension’! Fantastic!

Inference Ace is a great app for practicing inferences. Unlike other apps, inferences are taught from multiple perspectives: what inferences are possible, which are not possible, multiple inferences per sentence, etc.

And of course we use our ‘Smart Sentence’ technology to vary the sentence each time it is seen by the user. (Though with over 450 inferences, it will take a while before you see the same inference again!)

We’re very happy with Inference Ace and know that it will be a great part of any reading comprehension program.

Try it out! It’s free to download and you can trial the first four levels. After that, the remaining 30 or so levels are a bargain at $1.99!

You can check the app out on the app store.