“Say It… Or Not?” is now available on the App Store with a HUGE launch day discount of 75% off!

Usually $US14.99, the app is available today only for $3.99.​

The "Say It... Or Not?" social skills app helps kids figure out what to say... and what not to say in awkward or challenging social situations.

The “Say it…or not?” app helps children with autism filter their thoughts and provide appropriate responses in awkward or frustrating social situations.

  • Over 100 real-life situations with over 400 possible responses provide a wide variety of practice in dealing with challenging situations.
  • Students learn perspective-taking when they consider how someone would feel after hearing a specific response. Students also practice identifying if a specific response is ‘okay to say’. Lastly, students identify which response choice is best.
  • Designed for independent use, the app also includes therapist mode for expressive language practice.

Other benefits:

  • FRUSTRATION FREE: Your child will always be guided to the correct answer
  • REWARD CENTER: Fun and engaging Reward Center increases motivation
  • EASY TO USE: Can be used independently (just hand it over: your child will know what to do!) or with a therapist/parent for intervention
  • EXTENSIVE REPORTING: for up to 10 players to suit the needs of parents, teachers and therapists

We’re excited about this new app as kids who struggle with reading comprehension often need support with social skills too.

Grab it now! 75% off on launch day!​