WH Questions Skills

WH Questions teaches children how to UNDERSTAND, ASK and ANSWER questions using WHO, WHAT, WHEN, WHERE, WHY and HOW, in a fun game-like environment.



WH Questions provides:
– Graduated practice at understanding, then answering, then asking WH questions.

– Fun sentences to keep students motivated.

– Audio support for weak readers.

– ‘At a glance’ reporting shows you instantly how your child is doing with each skill and question type.


Other benefits:

– FRUSTRATION FREE: Your child will always be guided to the correct answer.

– REWARD CENTER: Fun and engaging Reward Center increases motivation.

– EASY TO USE. Can be used independently (just hand it over: your child will know what to do!) or with a therapist/parent for intervention.

– EXTENSIVE REPORTING: for up to 10 players to suit the needs of parents, teachers, and therapists.