Self Monitor: Habit Changer

Increase attention/focus, comprehension and on-task behavior with this easy-to-use app.


Self-monitoring is an amazingly effective tool for behavior change.

During self-monitoring, a student checks their own behavior at specific time intervals.

For example, a student may check every minute, “Am I on task?” If the answer is no, the student brings their focus back to the task.

By regularly completing self-checking sessions, the student’s on-task time will increase.

The Happy Frog Self-Monitoring app allows you to set up self-monitoring tasks for your students to access independently.

You specify the self-check question, how often to check, and how long a session should run. As the desired behavior increases, you can increase the time between check-ins and eventually fade the app.

You can set the app to use sound reminders, vibration reminders (iPhone only) or only visual reminders, so the app can be used in classrooms without disturbing other students.

Up to 9 students can be accommodated within the app, with up to 5 tasks per student.

You can enter mastery criteria for each task. The app identifies which goals have been mastered. Use this feature to provide additional rewards for students who would benefit from additional motivation.

The self-monitoring app is the easiest way to make progress on difficult -to-change behaviors such as:
– staying on task
– responding positively to peers
– complying with teacher requests
– staying in assigned location
– taking body breaks on schedule
– checking for comprehension while reading
– calling out

Teachers can also use the self-monitoring app to remind themselves to look for positive behaviors, call on quieter students, etc.

Students love the self-monitoring app because of the independence and privacy it provides.

Does your learner have a challenging behavior that requires constant check-in? The self-monitoring app could change everything for your student!

Our self-monitoring app is based on the extensive research on the effectiveness of self-monitoring. Self-monitoring works for kids with Autism, ADHD and any other challenges. Give your kids the power to change!

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