Do it… Or Not? Social Skills for ASD Kids

The “Do It… Or Not?” app helps children with autism understand and practice what to do… and what not to do… in real-life social situations.

Filtering thoughts and actions can be a challenge for children with autism or ADHD.

This app helps children find appropriate actions for over one hundred challenging social situations. Kids also learn to think about how their actions make other people feel.



“Do It… Or Not?” provides:

– More than 100 situations frequently faced in a student’s everyday life, from annoying siblings to forgotten homework to unwanted birthday gifts.

– Each situation can play out in four different ways. Students practice identifying how specific responses would make their friend feel and whether it is okay to do. For each situation where they might want to do something negative, students identify what is okay to do in that situation.

– Students progress to the next level only when mastery of the current skill is demonstrated.

– ‘At a glance’ reporting shows you instantly how your learner is progressing.

– The fun Reward Center motivates even hesitant learners.

Most exciting, this app offers independent AND therapist mode. In independent mode, answers are displayed and the learner taps the correct answer.

In therapist mode, no answers are displayed. For each question, the student answers orally and the therapist taps whether the learner’s oral answer was correct or incorrect. Both modes earn coins for the Reward Center.

Our apps are designed for and tested by typical and special needs children. Testers include children with Autism and other special needs. Our apps work for them! Our apps are also suitable for adults dealing with aphasia or learning English as a Second Language.

Our apps are safe for kids. We collect NO private information in our app. None! Our apps do not allow unrestricted web or social media access. We conform to the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act.