Inference Ace

Inference Ace helps kids who have trouble with reading comprehension.

The app builds inference skills step-by-step until mastery in a fun, game-like environment.

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***** 5 Stars – Nice app for practicing inference. Tons of examples.

***** 5 Stars – My son struggles with comprehension and doesn’t like reading long passages. This app teaches a high level of skill in a format he enjoys. Thanks!

Inference Ace is targeted to children in Grades 2-5 who can read the words (decode), but don’t understand what they read.

With over 450 examples, a fun and engaging reward center to increase motivation, and content designed by professional teachers and researchers, this app is bound to capture the attention of your kids.

Best of all, there is detailed reporting for up to 10 students to meet the needs of teachers, therapists, and parents.