Fact & Opinion: Reading Comprehension Skills

‘Fact & Opinion’ teaches kids how to identify whether a statement is a fact or opinion.

This is an important comprehension skill, especially as children start to access the internet.

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‘Fact & Opinion’ is targeted to children in Grades 2-5. Beginning readers in earlier grades can also benefit from the targeted skill development.

The focus of ‘Fact & Opinion’ is teaching kids how to identify whether a statement is a fact or opinion.

This vital skill is built incrementally. Early levels focus on thinking about how to prove and fact/opinion and also how to identify the clue words that are indicative of a fact or opinion. Later levels include timers to ensure fluency.

The app includes more than 300 examples for extensive practice.

Key Benefits:

– Builds comprehension skills step-by-step until mastery.

– Incremental learning. New levels are unlocked only when your child is ready.

– Frustration-free learning. Your child will always be guided to the correct answer.

– Fun and engaging Reward Center to increase motivation.

– Easy parental review. Just check out the stars to see how your child is doing.

– Content designed by professional teachers and researchers.

– Advanced levels include timers to ensure fluency. Research shows fluency in the foundation skills is critical to reading comprehension.

– Can be used independently (just hand it over: your child will know what to do!) or with a therapist/parent for reading intervention.

– Provides extensive reporting for up to 10 students to suit the needs of parents, teachers, and therapists.