Hello again, today’s super-strategy is all about reward.

Learning new skills is hard, no matter how you dress it up. And if you expect your child to work hard, they need some reward for their effort.

How you do that is up to you, but make sure it is something you can ease off when reading becomes less of an issue for your child.

Here are some things that have worked:

1. Your child earns one token for every night of reading. Tokens can be cashed in for a specific reward. (For example, 10 tokens = one trip to the movies). It’s helpful to have a menu of rewards. Before reading, you can talk about what reward she wants to work for – this does wonders for motivation!

In the early days, if reading is a real struggle, have something that you child can earn in a couple of days.

2. Money. Yep, some kids are motivated by cold hard cash 🙂

3. Time with mom or dad. Kids love 1-1 time with mom or dad. So how about trading 15 minutes of reading for 15 minutes of play time with you?

As you know, we think quality reading apps can be a great part of a home reading program for a struggling reader. And we believe in rewards, too 🙂

All our apps have a built-in Reward Center that opens once the player has reached specific daily milestones. To play in the Reward Center, learners need to earn coins by doing the levels. This means your child can work independently — kids love this — but you can be confident that they are not spending all their time playing in the shop.

So, what are you going to do today to REWARD your child’s hard work?