There are simple ways YOU can change to make reading easier with your child. Over the next few weeks, I’m going to give you 5 simple “Super Strategies” that YOU can do to change how your child approaches reading.

Let’s start with Strategy #1: Give Choice

If your child struggles with reading, then he or she is probably an expert at avoiding reading. Reading time may have become a battle.A simple way to get daily reading happening is to give your child a choice — a real choice, not just this book or that book.

Each day let your child choose what they want to do for their 15 minutes of reading. Here are some ideas:

– Books that your child has chosen from the library (not ones chosen by you!)

– Quality reading apps

– Audio books

– Online reviews or descriptions of your child’s favorite game (Minecraft, Mario, etc.)

– An article related to a favorite hobby (soccer, hockey, cooking, crafting)

– Any of the activities from our Fun Reading Activities Guide

– Or an absolutely free choice – anything as long as it has words!

Children love choice, and if you enthusiastically embrace the choice they make, gradually reading time will become fun. As that happens, you can guide the options. Perhaps one day in three, you choose the book/app/activity.

Your most important step today, is to get some choices ready. If you are in a hurry, download our app Starter Pack – perfect for kids who need a little motivation to read. Each app targets a key reading comprehension skill that will make them shine in the classroom.

This bundle of 4 apps meets all the criteria for high-quality educational apps, and you get 20% off the price of buying the apps individually. Best of all, you’ll have instant choice – and what kid doesn’t want to use the iPad?

Remember: Give your child CHOICE

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