Well, it is very exciting to announce that our very first app  will be available on the app store in about a week!

Since this is the first app from Happy Frog Software, I thought I’d explain the philosophy behind our apps.

We all STRONGLY believe in the importance of reading. And even though reading came easy to many of us, we see kids in our lives who are struggling. Really struggling.

These kids need more help than traditional curriculums can provide. They need more practice than typical kids do. And they DON’T need to be planted in front of a text and asked questions. (That’s like testing them on a skill we know they don’t have! How motivating is that!)

No, they need to practice the foundation skills that allow comprehension to happen. We KNOW they are struggling to comprehend. We need to teach them, not test them.

Our apps work on the foundation skills that lead to comprehension. These skills include:

  • knowing how different parts of a sentence contribute to the meaning (e.g.  ‘at the beach’ tells us where something is happening.)
  • recognizing the links between sentences (e.g. that “John’ and ‘the man at the door’ refer to the same person.)
  • inference skills:  adding information from our experience of the world. (e.g. if Jill is cleaning her teeth, then she is probably in the bathroom.)
  • and many, many more!

Each of our apps focuses on a particular skill and builds it up step-by-step.  Your child will get the practice they need to develop fluency.

We will be building dozens of apps.  I wish we had them all ready for you now.  (In fact, I need them for my own family!)  But we will get them to you as fast as we can.

Time to get back to work… gotta get that app finished!