Math word problems are tough!

Ummm… Actually, no, they’re not. There’s a simple strategy you can learn and apply to any math word problem.

If your child struggles with math word problems, you need to teach them this strategy. If you do, they’ll be way ahead of other kids who just give up!

It’s a simple 5-step process. Let’s use the following simple problem as an example.

On a school trip to a farm, Jackie saw 14 sheep. 3 of them were baby sheep. How many adult sheep did she see?

1. First, identify what information you are trying to find out. i.e. what answer are you looking for?

In our example, we want to find out how many adult sheep Jackie saw.

2. Next, identify what information you already know from the problem. By their nature, math word problems give you information to work with.

In our example we are told:

–  how many sheep Jackie saw (14).

–  how many baby sheep Jackie saw (3).​

3. Next, you draw a model to help you “see” the problem. Here’s a screenshot from the app showing this step of the problem. Several levels of the app work on helping your learner build an appropriate model.

4. Finally, you figure out how to identify the unknown piece. In this example, the following equation will find the solution.

14 – 3 = ?

5. Lastly, find the solution and put your answer in a sentence.

Jackie saw 11 adult sheep.

And you are done!

The same process can be applied to any word problem. Teaching this process to your learner gives them a way to manage the problem and find the answer.

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