VANCOUVER, B.C., CANADA,  August 26, 2014 — Happy Frogs Apps announces the release of Main Idea 1, an app that helps children master reading comprehension, to the Apple App Store.

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Main Idea 1 is designed for children grades 2-5 and helps them build one of the foundation skills required for reading comprehension: knowing what a story is about.  Main Idea 1 is the first in the Main Idea series and builds proficiency in understanding what a sentence is about and the main idea it is conveying.  Once a child firmly establishes this skill, they are well prepared for understanding the main ideas of a page or paragraph.

Tested with typical and special needs children, Main Idea 1 is designed to increase motivation and keep children engaged. Reading comprehension skills are built incrementally through a game-like format with a fun and engaging rewards system. New levels are unlocked only when users are ready as they master new skills. Instead of punishing users for wrong answers, users are always gently guided to correct ones, reducing frustration.

600 questions with content designed by professional teachers and researchers are included in the app, ensuring many hours of fun filled training. Advanced levels include timers to ensure fluency.

Janine Toole, the founder of Happy Frog Apps, had this to say about the app: “Reading is the key to learning. We want to give every child the apps they need to unlock their reading potential. Our apps teach them the core skills that will enrich their lives.”


Main Idea 1 Features

• 600 questions with content designed by professional educators

• Incremental and guided learning for less frustration and embarrassment
• Fun and engaging Rewards Center
• App can be easily reset to wok with a different student

  • Colorful graphics and high quality sound effects

Pricing and Availability

Main Idea 1 is available now for $1.99 and is compatible with iOS and Android (Requires iOS 6.0 or later).

Further Information


About Happy Frogs Apps

Happy Frog Apps creates fun apps that teach the foundation skills for reading comprehension. Happy Frog Apps is founded and led by Janine Toole, PhD, a keen reader who finds that her education and experience in Linguistics, software development and special needs learning provides the perfect mix for the creative pond that is Happy Frog Apps.