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Top 3 in Social Skills Books

The handouts in this book are super helpful! Simple, and to the point. It breaks down complex skills into targets that are manageable and easy to teach.

Amazon Review for Conversation Skills

Top 3 in Writing & Study Skills Books

Great book. Easy to read and follow. Returning to education after many years and this book is perfect for helping with those dreaded essays. With clear step by step instructions… Very simple to follow and some great advice. I’m so glad I bought it!

Review for ‘How to Write a 5-Paragraph Essay’ – Verified Amazon Purchase

Top 3 in Reading Comprehension Books

This is a fantastic book and I wish I knew about it sooner. I am a Literacy Specialist at a school for students on the autism spectrum. I am thoroughly impressed with this product. I will buy more books from this author. Fascinating, appropriate & effective strategies to break down and then rebuild concepts.

Visualization Skills for Reading Comprehension: Amazon Reviewer: Verified Purchase

Top 3 in Social Skills Apps

Great App for Older Kids!

I have several 4th graders on my school caseload who need to work on social language and expressing feelings. This is perfect! I like the pictures, the practical examples presented and the quick response format. It’s divided into levels and grouped into family, friends and community! It’s just what we need! Also, I’m a teletherapist, and I can share my phone screen with my kids using my video conferencing program so they can directly see the app. It’s a great tool for teletherapists!!!

App Store Review for “Say it… or Not?”

Top 3 in Writing & Study Skills Online Courses

Top 3 in Reading Comprehension Apps

“This is a fantastic app to use with my students with language disorders who struggle with making inferences and predictions from written text. I’m a speech pathologist at an elementary school and I highly recommend this app!!”

Reviewer – Apple App Store

Top 3 in Project-Based Learning


Amazon rating for ‘Fantastic Food Trucks’.

Top 3 in Math Apps

Awesome app to build multiplication table memory

My 5th grader was frustrated with math due to not having her multiplication tables memorized. No amount of quizzing or flashcards seemed to help. She loves doing them now on the iPad and is now making great strides!

Review for Math Facts on the App Store

Top 3 in Math Books

Top 3 in Task Cards