We’ve been quiet here at the Happy Frog blog for the last month or two.  We’ve had our heads down updating all of our apps to include new features.

When you open our updated apps you will notice:

1.  A new look!  We thought most of our users would be 7-8 years old. It turns out that some kids don’t get reading help until they are older.  So we have updated the look of our apps so that they are more age-neutral.   We’ve kept our fun avatars because everyone seems to love them 🙂

2.  Better reporting!  Many of our users are speech pathologists and they need more data for the kids on their caseload.  We’ve added an extra reporting page so you can see in detail how your players are progressing.

3. Up to 10 users!  This feature also helps out our speech therapist users…but is also handy for any families that have siblings that want to get in on the action.

We have released updated versions for 2 of our apps and the remaining 3 are due to be released in January.  Soon after that we’ll have a brand new app for you to learn with:  Reading Comprehension for Math Word Problems.  I can’t wait until that one is ready to play with!

Have a wonderful day and do let us know how your kids are progressing with their reading.  We love good news!