Welcome to our second [Inside the App] series, where we take you inside our apps and show you why our apps work for struggling learners.

Today’s focus is wrong answers. How an app responds to a wrong answer can make a big difference for how quickly your child learns.

You may have noticed that some apps have really fun sounds when an answer is incorrect.​ That is a really bad idea!

When the wrong answer is fun, struggling learners are often motivated to get the wrong answer over and over again.  AND over and over again!

I’m sure you’ve experienced this 🙂

Playing around with wrong answers is NOT learning!​

To motivate struggling learners, you need to make sure that the wrong answer is NOT fun, and that the correct answer IS fun or rewarding in some way.  ​

A simple way to test an app is to check out the app’s response to correct and incorrect answers.  You’ll quickly know whether this is a good choice for your learner.​

And what about Happy Frog apps?

Well our wrong answers are super boring!  Either nothing happens, or a helpful hint will pop up. No sound effects, no visual effects. Nothing but help for learning.

And correct responses?  They get a nice upbeat chime that dos not get annoying and the user earns coins to spend in the shop.

Yay.  Your student is now motivated to work for the correct answer.​

Want to see this in action in one of our apps?  Check out Inference Ace. It’s great for all learners.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this look inside our apps.  You are now ready check out educational apps… to make sure they are actually educational!