Learning to read is difficult —  so we are making it easier with a series of fun activities that you can do with your child for reading practice.

With each activity your reader will practice core reading skills such as inferencing, prediction, main idea, description, etc. AND you and your learner will be having  a great time!

Let’s turn reading into fun!


Cut out 6 pictures of different objects from junk mail.

Help your child stick one picture at the top of six different pages. Explain that you are going to make a fun dictionary.

Have your child write one word that describes each picture. Next, ask your child to write what the word means and to write a complete sentence using that word . Underline the word in that sentence.

Advanced: If the word has other age-appropriate meanings, think about them and add them at the bottom. e.g. ‘boot’ can be footwear or but it can also be an action.

Congratulate your child on an excellent job!

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