Learning to read is difficult —  so we are making it easier with a series of fun activities that you can do with your child for reading practice.

With each activity your reader will practice core reading skills such as inferencing, prediction, main idea, description, etc. AND you and your learner will be having  a great time!

Let’s turn reading into fun!

This is a great work out for listening comprehension - and you can make it silly as well!

This is a great workout for listening comprehension –  and you can make it silly as well!

Find a book – non fiction works well for this. Depending on your learner, get them to read a sentence/paragraph/page.

Now, read aloud the same sentence/paragraph/page, but change something significant. Don’t let your learner see the page as you are reading.

See if you child can figure out what you changed. Let them re-read the section again if they want. You can repeat your version again, too.

If your child still has trouble, narrow down to the one sentence/paragraph with the change.

Congratulate your child on an excellent job!

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