Learning to read is difficult —  so we are making it easier with a series of fun activities that you can do with your child for reading practice.

With each activity your reader will practice core reading skills such as inferencing, prediction, main idea, description, etc. AND you and your learner will be having  a great time!

Let’s turn reading into fun!


Choose an age-appropriate reading book. Nonfiction may work best. Tell your child that they are the teacher and you will be the student that has to answer the questions for you.

Have your child read a paragraph aloud from the book (or 1-2 sentences, if that is easier). Tell them to come up with a question to ask you based on what they read. For example, the sentence “Butterflies have four wings.” could lead to the question “How many wings does a butterfly have?”

Encourage your child to ask, Who? What? Why? How many? Where? Type questions rather than yes or no questions.

Sometimes give the wrong answer and make sure your child corrects you!

Congratulate your child on an excellent job!


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