FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions


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I upgraded but the levels are still locked

Thanks for upgrading!  If all the levels have padlocks on them, then your upgrade was successful.  You now have access to all the levels, but you have to work to open them!

Actually, there are 2 ways to open the levels.  First, when you pass the previous level, the next level will open. That’s the hard way.

Or, you can use the ‘cheat’.  Go to the title page and tap the avatar’s nose 3 times.  This will open all levels for immediate play.  You can close them all again by resetting the game  (under Options).

If this doesn’t solve your problem, let us know!


I want to suggest an app…


Fabulous!  Our goal is to build apps that kids need… and you know your kids better than anyone!  If you have an app that you need, let us know.  We are always open to new ideas.