At Happy Frog Apps, we focus mainly on kids who have trouble with reading comprehension.  But there’s a whole audience of aging seniors out there who also have trouble with reading comprehension.  Unfortunately, not much is known yet about how comprehension declines and what can be done to help combat it.

Here’s an except from a recent article that I found interesting..

What happens when the memory loss associated with aging prevents someone from fully comprehending the words they read? For many with Alzheimer’s Disease and Related Disorders (ADRD), they close the book, newspaper, or magazine, losing an important means of connecting with the outside world.

Over the past year, two University of New England researchers and a team of students have studied elderly subjects to better understand the effects of aging and memory decline on reading comprehension. Ultimately, they hope to use their findings to identify new approaches that will allow individuals with ADRD to enjoy meaningful reading longer into their lives.

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We Happy Froggers will still  maintain our focus on kids’ reading issues…but it will certainly be interesting to keep an eye on this research in case we can learn from it!