Starting Tuesday, we will release 3 new apps over 7 days, the first three in our series of Math Vocab apps. We’re excited!


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Many kids who struggle with reading comprehension also struggle with a weak vocabulary. We’ve decided to do something about that!

Math Vocab 1,2, and 3 target specific vocabulary that children need to succeed in math.  These so-called ‘Tier 2’ words are unlikely to be learned through general conversation, but are needed for academic success.

Making the most of recent research in vocabulary learning, our apps:

– teach small groups of words together until mastery

– include audio and visual support to enhance learning

– require the use of word in context to ensure understanding

As always, our apps focus on teaching and showing instead of just testing.

Our Math Vocab 1 app will be available on April 21 and teaches the 48 most important words needed for Grade 1 Math.

Math Vocab 2 targets words needed for Grade 2 Math – it will be available on April 25.

The third in the series, Math Vocab 3, for Grade 3 level words, will be available on April 28.

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